9 Recipes to Make the Most of Strawberry Season

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The very best strawberry recipes have one thing in common: They keep it simple. Sweet and tart at once, the ruby-red fruit is a toddler and adult favorite for good reason. It’s fabulous. Even this delicate, difficult looking millefeuille is a snap to make, requiring only puff pastry and half a dozen other pantry staples. Celebrate the season in style with any of our gorgeous recipes. Here are eight more favorites.


2. Ricotta Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce

strawberry cheesecake


Sure, cheesecake is marvelous, but strawberry cheesecake is next-level delicious. A full four cups of ricotta are the key to this dessert’s creamy-as-can-be texture. The crust is a simple as can be, press-and-go graham cracker crust. And the topping is just fresh berries, lemon juice, orange juice, and sugar.


3. Strawberry Jam Sandwich Cookies

strawberry cookies


A clever twist on linzer cookies, these strawberry jam cookies have a lovely stained-glass effect. Fruit jam glimmers from between two easy cookie discs. These are just the showstoppers to make in advance (for up to a week) and then bring to a party.


4. Strawberry Orange Tart

strawberry tart


Orange zest and liqueur add punch and brightness to the silky cream cheese topping on this tart. Its pretty-as-a-picture finish is thanks in part to a smart glaze of apricot jam on the finished product. Take your time arranging the strawberry halves with precision for the most stunning presentation.


5. Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble

strawberry crumble


The classic combo of strawberries and rhubarb shine in this crumble. It’s actually partly a pie, with a base you can make in advance, so you get the pleasure of several different textures in each bite. The streusel is an unusual and tasty mix of ginger, oats, brown sugar, orange zest, and butter.


6. Watermelon-Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

strawberry frozen yogurt


Sure, you could make fresh strawberry ice cream, but a slightly lighter treat idea is yogurt. This genius recipe mingles berries with fresh watermelon, a bit of banana, and unctuous Greek yogurt. Kids won’t even know they’re eating something relatively good for them.


7. Macerated Strawberries

macerated strawberries


Among strawberry recipes, this one should shine for a reason. Macerated berries are simply dunked in sugar, maybe with red wine or citrus zest, and then layered on to vanilla ice cream. It’s proof, again, that keeping things simple is how to let the fruit taste best.


8. Roasted Strawberry Pops

strawberry pops


Roasting strawberries lends them a divine texture and slightly sweeter flavor. We love these pops, which fold the berries in with Greek yogurt and a splash of honey. Bonus: Children are much more likely to accept these as dessert.


9. Tangy Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

strawberry pie


Strawberry-rhubarb pie could go head-to-head with cherry pie in a beauty contest. Sugar and cornstarch are all you need to make a luscious sauce out of the fruit and vegetable together. The golden crust on the finished product makes this just the thing to serve to guests.

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