3 Things That Make Strawberry Season So Much Better

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It’s already mid-May, which means the better part of spring is over, and summer’s just on the horizon. You know what that means: summer break, beach season…and strawberry EVERYTHING! If you’re committed to eating your weight’s worth in strawberries this year, well, we applaud—and join—you. Here’s something else to keep in mind: There’ll be less standing between you and your favorite fruit if you have the proper accessories. If you’re obsessed with strawberries, here are a few tools you’re going to want, because they’re going to make strawberry season that much better.

1. A strawberry slicer

“I can slice strawberries, no problem,” you’re telling yourself. And you can, but probably not like a strawberry slicer, which slices every single berry uniformly, no matter the shape, size, or texture, so that your berry desserts, like this strawberry millefeuille, look absolutely perfect.


2. A strawberry huller

If the thought of someone handing you a knife and telling you to get to work on the strawberries below gives you unparalleled anxiety, then you know what probably need? A strawberry huller.


While you can certainly trim a berry with a knife, this strawberry huller—which was designed expressly to efficiently remove the stems and leaves of a strawberry—will save you time and, more importantly, guarantee that you will never have to worry about cutting yourself while stemming strawberries again. Ever.

3. Canning tools


The biggest problem that we all have with berry season is that berry season comes to an end. We don’t have the special power to make strawberries sweet and ripe year-round, but we can suggest doing something that will make your peak-season strawberries last longer, and that’s preserving them. To make strawberry preserves or strawberry jam correctly, you’ll need canning tools like canning tongs and a stainless steel canning insert rack, and a jam pan. Even if proper canning isn’t your thing, you’ll want containers like Weck mold jars, which are perfect for freezer preserves.



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