12 Gifts for The Wine Lover in Your Life

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Chances are, you know someone who is totally obsessed with wine. Maybe it’s your dad who pretends like he can pinpoint the the exact floral notes in a bottle of pinot. Or your work wife who’s always down to extend happy hour to happy hours. Or maybe it’s you! Whoever it is, get that person a wine-themed gift and you could end up winning the holiday. If holiday shopping was a competition, that is.


Here are 12 of our best gifts for wine lovers.

1. Williams Sonoma Explorer Club, from $65

Did you know that Williams Sonoma has a wine club? We do! And you can give a membership as a gift! Each shipment includes six hand-selected wines from all over the world (four reds and two whites) and comes every three months. In the box, the lucky recipient will also find tasting notes and perfectly paired recipe suggestions.

2. Williams Sonoma Reserve Stemless Red Wine Glasses, $104 for eight

This set is priced for six mouth-blown glasses but actually comes with eight, making it a sneaky bargain. The shape was designed in-house by our very own experts in collaboration with professional sommeliers, winemakers and chefs. The end result: Sleek glasses that also enhance the complex characteristics of light- to medium-bodied red wines.

3. Monogrammed Decanter, $70

What’s even more special than this handcrafted glass decanter is the fact that the price includes a single- or triple-initial monogram that gets hand-etched by artisans at a company that’s been in the personalization business since 1910. Oh, and the decanter is dishwasher safe.

4. Rabbit Axis Wine Opener, $75

New from Rabbit, this lever-style wine opener couldn’t be easier to use. The handle pivots open and closed (for storage) and basically does all of the work. It’s decently hefty and even comes with an extra spiral—and a foil cutter. Translation: This will last nearly a lifetime.

5. Walnut Stacking Wine Rack, $60

Crafted from American walnut, a hardwood known for its strength and deep colors, this four bottle rack would surely spruce up any bar cart or countertop. And because it’s stackable, it can grow with anyone’s wine collection.

6. Marble & Brass Wine Chiller, $60

This wine chiller was handcrafted by master stonemasons and features a hand-polished metal band with an antique brass finish. It’s an ideal gift for a frequent entertainer or your sister-in-law who loves to dine al fresco at home.

7. RBT Bottle Stoppers, $50 for two

Help your loved ones preserve an open bottle of wine in style. These zinc and silicone stoppers somehow look at home in kitchens of any style—modern, rustic, industrial … you get the point.

8. Williams Sonoma Foil Cutter, $20

A foil cutter is a little luxury that people don’t even realize they need until they finally get one, and this is one of the best. It’s solid, easy to use and pretty good to look at. Get it for your friend who always seems to spend way too much time pulling off foil in teeny tiny pieces.

9. Corkcicle Insulated Small Beverage Canteen, from $33

Technically made to hold water and other liquids, this canteen is really best for wine. It can hold a full bottle’s worth and will keep its contents cool for at least 25 hours. (When used with hot beverages, it holds temps for more than 12 hours.) Pick one up for anyone who loves a good picnic.

10. Vinturi Wine Aerator, $30

It’s amazing what a simple aerator can do for a bottle of wine (especially those less expensive, budget-friendly bottles!). Unlike many other aerators out there, this one works as the wine gets poured, which speeds up the process between uncorking and drinking. That’s something we can all cheers to.

11. Coravin Model Two Wine Preservation System, $300

If your dad has ever hemmed and hawed over opening a special bottle of wine, this is the perfect gift for him. It’ll allow him to steal a glass (or many glasses) from the bottle without having to actually uncork it. This way, he can get a taste without compromising the entire bottle.

12. Wine Glass Metallic Markers, $10 for three

A great stocking stuffer, this set comes with three metallic-hued markers (in red, gold and silver) and allows party hosts to customize wine glasses or label bottles of wine. The ink dries in just a few minutes, stays in place throughout the night and washes off easily with soap and water.

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