Chef Ray Garcia’s Tips on Choosing the Best Ingredients

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Ray Garcia, Chef at FIG restaurant in Santa Monica, California, has made a name for himself by using only the best quality ingredients in his cooking. He works with a purveyor to find local farmers growing the freshest fruits and vegetables and even grows some produce of his own, including herbs and peppers.


We asked Chef Garcia to share his top three tips for sourcing the most flavorful ingredients, which need only minimal preparation to shine. See what he had to say in the quotes below.


Get to know the person who grows and/or prepares your food. They will have a better idea of what you are looking for, and chances are you will end up taking home a better product for your needs.”


Know what is in season. This will translate in to eating food at the peak of their flavor and often times save you money.”


Shop for products that are locally grow or produced. Not only are you supporting businesses and producers in your area but you will end up with a fresher product since it has generally spent less time in transit. Also, local small batch producers tend to use less preservatives since their products are not designed for long travel and extended shelf time.”

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