Christmas Morning Breakfast Menu

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Christmas morning wouldn’t be complete without warm pajamas, a big, cozy breakfast, and mugs of steaming coffee and hot chocolate. Pair festive Christmas pancakes and baked eggs with an assortment of artisanal pastries and breakfast cakes, and this long-awaited celebration comes together in no time. Merry Christmas!




The kids will love making Christmas Pancakes, which are easy to make using our whimsical molds. Or, if your family loves waffles, make these Chocolate Waffles with Cherry Compote and Whipped Cream the star of the breakfast buffet. Round out the breakfast with hearty Baked Eggs with Spinach and Cream, Bacon with Brown Sugar, and a refreshing Citrus Compote.


Fill the buffet with a spread of beautiful baked goods that can be delivered right to your door. These streusel-topped muffins are made from scratch by The Bread Project, a nonprofit that trains people with limited resources in the art of baking and helps them develop food-industry job skills. Serve them alongside Italian butterhorn cookies and a sampling of nostalgic small batch toaster pops. Don’t forget the hot cocoa!







Keep it casual and enjoy Christmas breakfast where friends and family naturally gather — right in the kitchen. Use a kitchen island or extra counter space to set up a buffet where everyone can serve themselves.


Even a homey, intimate meal can feel like a celebration with a few special touches. Arrange the muffins on a porcelain cake stand, and stack festive plates with brightly printed rolled napkins. Decorate the  area with holly and berries.


Use a French press to serve coffee for a group, offering milk and sugar on the side. Consider a hot chocolate bar for the kids, too!


Find creative ways to make the meal memorable. For example, tuck a Christmas ornament into each rolled napkin and have family members hang them on the tree (guests can take them home as a gift).

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  1. Nadja Croft

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WEBSITE, YOUR STORE, AND EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO! I could just crawl into each of your gorgeous settings and live! I do have a baking question! How do you keep the fillings in your fritatta from gravitating to the bottom! Especially the butternut squash, which would be heavy? Anytime I make a quiche or a fritatta, everything sinks! Thanks.

    1. Williams-Sonoma Post author

      Hi Nadja, thank you — we’re so glad you enjoy our products! As for your question about the frittata, we would recommend mixing the eggs and vegetables and adding them to the pan just before cooking the frittata. (In other words, don’t let the frittata sit for too long, uncooked, which will give the ingredients time to sink to the bottom.) Another tip is to cut the ingredients into smaller pieces so they aren’t as heavy. Hope this helps — good luck!

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