Couples in the Kitchen: Andrea Reusing & Mac McCaughan

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With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re spotlighting real couples who cook together, from our book Two in the Kitchen. Here, they share their tricks, first-hand experience and entertaining know-how gained from time shared in the kitchen. 


Andrea is the chef and owner of Lantern in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is the author of Cooking in the Moment: A Year of Seasonal Recipes. Mac plays music with Superchunk and Portastatic and is the co-founder of the independent record label Merge Records.


What was your first home-cooked meal as a couple?

A shrimp and crab boil on Emerald Isle, North Carolina.


Any tips for maintaining kitchen bliss?

The cook doesn’t have to clean. Much.


Do you have a go-to home-cooked meal for two?

Spaghetti with garlic and chiles.


A favorite cocktail?

A little muddled fruit — whatever is in season, maybe tangerine, blackberry or muscadine grapes — icy vodka and a dash of bitters.


What’s your lazy morning breakfast?

Eggs baked in cream, toast, and hot coffee and fresh Satsuma juice.


Which are your favorite kitchen tools?

Ancient cast iron pans.


What’s a go-to hors d’oeuvre for company?

We like to serve amazing, thinly sliced ham — like Benton’s or Edward’s. It’s easy to keep on hand and is always appreciated.


Is there anything on the table during mealtime?

Treasures our kids collect from the woods or the beach — fresh moss, nuts, pods, starfish and rocks.
Find more advice and recipes for cooking together in our book Two in the Kitchen.

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