6 Recipes That Prove Strawberries Belong in Savory Dishes

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Strawberry Basil Bacon Brie Burger

Strawberries are so sweet, juicy and flavorful this time of year that it’s hard not to want to use them in everything—and when we say everything, we literally mean everything. “Strawberry pasta? That’s crazy talk!” you might think to yourself. But the fruit, which is sweet but not too sweet and boasts a satisfying tartness, is surprisingly versatile. Try one of these unusual savory strawberry recipes—yes, they include burgers, pasta and more—and you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.


Roast Chicken & Bread Salad with Haricots Verts & Strawberries


Halved ripe strawberries add a nice boost of acidity and a hint of sweetness to a go-to like roast chicken. This version, which is served alongside bread salad and green beans, makes for a well-rounded supper.



Strawberry Teriyaki


Simmered, pureed strawberry adds a floral component to a sweet, versatile sauce such as teriyaki. This Food52 recipe calls for another floral ingredient: the Asian pantry staple lemongrass. 



Strawberry, Basil, Bacon and Brie Burgers


Cooking for Keeps had a thought: Chicken goes with strawberries. Strawberries go with brie. Brie goes with bacon. All of it belongs together. We’d argue she’s not wrong! 

Balsamic Strawberry and Chicken Pizza


The base of Closet Cooking’s pizza is a sauce made from strawberry jam, tangy balsamic vinegar and spicy Asian inspired sriracha.


Strawberry Caprese Salad


Tart, sweet strawberries are the perfect candidate to replace a tomato in a Caprese salad like this one from Kitchen Treaty, especially during the spring when strawberries are in season but tomatoes aren’t yet at their peak. 

Strawberry Pasta with Pecorino


This pasta “danced a jig in my mouth to a song of sweetness and spiciness,” Healthy Recipe Ecstasy wrote of this strawberry pasta. Count us in! 


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