Daphne Oz Shares Her Thoughtful, Affordable Gift Ideas for Health-Minded Moms

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Daphne Oz. Photo credit: Elizabeth Pettey Photography


Daphne Oz is familiar with the balancing act that is being a mother: As both a wife and mom as well as co-host of ABC’s The Chew, she knows how to juggle a thing or two. In between shooting live episodes of the lifestyle TV show each weekday, she also recently wrote a new cookbook, The Happy Cook, about healthy recipes—all on top of raising her daughter, Philomela, and her son, Jovan Jr.


We asked Daphne to share what stylish yet practical gift ideas she’d recommend getting for other moms who prioritize family well-being. Here are five thoughtful, affordable items to get the mother in your life who’s a health-minded home cook.


Daphne’s Mother’s Day Gift Picks

Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Glass Teapot


“I drink tons of tea and coffee, and this teapot is beautiful enough to always have on display,” Daphne says.


Moulinex Food Mill


A food mill isn’t just for potatoes. Says Daphne: “This food mill is perfect for vegetable and fruit purees, smoothing sauces and making baby food!”


Cole & Mason Granite Mortar and Pestle


“This granite mortar and pestle is so sexy,” Daphne says, “and it’s ideal for crushing together freshly toasted spices or mashing a pesto.”


de Buyer Kobra Adjustable Slicer


“Mandoline slicers scare me to death,” Daphne admits, “but this one is solid. I love the handle attachment that keeps your fingers at a safe distance while you get gorgeous, uniform slices time after time—great for fresh, raw veggie salads or adding colorful finishing touches to your cooked dishes!”


Set of Williams Sonoma Walnut Wood Spoons


After hearing the cookbook author speak of wooden spoons, we’ll never think of them the same way: “Wooden spoons add a certain something to your food, as they build their own magic patina, delicious meal after delicious meal. I love the dark walnut wood of these and their strong handles.”


Still on the hunt for Mother’s Day finds? See more gift ideas from other inspiring women.


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      Hi Deepika: Yes, we do! Go to williams-sonoma.com, and at the top right, click on “Shipping to” and change your country to India (under “Asia/Pacific”). Then type in “Open Kitchen Tea Pot” into the search bar, hit enter, and it should be the first selection! Hope this helps!


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