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Have you explored Williams-Sonoma’s Butcher Shop? If not, take a look around. The shop includes premium cuts of pasture-raised meats from family-owned ranches, which are committed to animal well-being.


We are proud to partner with producers like Snake River Farms, where Berkshire hogs are raised sustainably on a hormone-free, all-natural diet. Our cattle producer Double R. Ranch Co. raises some of the world’s finest beef, thanks to a strong belief in environmental stewardship and the preservation of small family farms. Jamison Farm, where we source our lamb, even built an on-site processing facility to ensure their philosophy of humane practices guides every stage of production.


Pasturing and customized diets ensure the best flavor in beef, pork, lamb and our blends. Learn how to make the most of each cut with our illustrated Meat Guide, showing which areas are best for braising and which should be quickly seared or grilled for optimum flavor. Beautiful marbling results in a tender, buttery texture for each variety, creating an exceptionally delicious product — and one you can feel good about serving.


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