Do it Yourself: Cheese

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Making your own fresh cheese is a perfect introduction to a hands-on lifestyle. Many people are surprised to learn how simple it is to make your own ricotta, goat and mozzarella cheeses at home, with no special equipment required. Our basic cheese making kits will help you get started, so all you need is milk from your local store, about an hour of free time and a little inspiration.


Fresh cheeses are delicious spread on simple crostini, added to stuffings for vegetables or poultry or served with fresh fruit for a simple dessert (find more creative recipes using fresh cheese here). Make them your own by experimenting with different kinds of milk or incorporating chopped nuts or chutneys. Projects like these are a great way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen — particularly making ricotta, which comes together easily:


Watch the video below to see Claudia Lucero, the woman behind our cheese making kits, demonstrate how rewarding and simple making fresh cheeses can be.


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  3. Elisabeth Jensen

    Hello,l could ypou please explain what kind of cheese that is? Its obvious that it is fresh cheese but there are so many kinds..ricotta, feta, etc.. i would like to know how to make them all and what is the differens…thank you so much

  4. Olivia Ware Post author

    Elisabeth, the cheeses featured in this post are ricotta, mozzarella and goat cheese.

    Ricotta is a whey-based cheese produced by heating the whey left over from making sheep’s, goat’s, or cow’s milk cheeses. It takes no solid form but is sold in plastic containers.

    Mozzarella is a mild, creamy cheese made from cow’s or water buffalo’s milk curd formed into balls. It may be salted or not.

    Goat cheese, or chevre, is a mild, young cheese sold in logs with bright white interiors and spreadable texture.

    Our cheese-making kits allow you to make whichever variety you like. You can see them here:


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