Do You Zoku?

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Fruity and fresh, our Zoku Pops are almost too pretty to eat — almost! These refreshing treats come together in just seven minutes for an easy, summery snack.


Kids will love the bright colors and flavors, but Zoku pops are for grown-ups, too. Think of them as one more creative, homemade way to enjoy seasonal produce. Juice fresh fruit from your farmers’ market or backyard garden, then blend and freeze into healthy pops to beat the heat.


Our newest Zoku recipes are tropical Pineapple-Mint, refreshing Watermelon-Basil and ripe Triple-Berry. Here’s how it’s done:


Freeze the Zoku maker for 24 hours, making sure the cavities are completely dry.
Add Sticks & Juice
Position the pop sticks in the mold cavities, lining up the tabs on the sticks. Slowly pour in chilled juice, stopping just before the fill line (chilled juice will result in faster Quick Pops). Now watch it freeze!
When the top of the pop is visibly frozen or slushy in the center (after 7 to 20 minutes), use the Zoku tools to lift it out. Start cooling down, and enjoy a pure taste of summer.


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