Dye & Decorate Easter Eggstravaganza

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This post comes courtesy of Jenn Yee, a member of the Williams-Sonoma culinary team.


Get crafty this Easter with William-Sonoma’s Easter Egg Decorating Kit! At the Union Square store, the culinary team got their creative juices flowing and dressed up some eggs.


The kit has everything you need: dye tablets, decorations, drawing tools, a wire dipper and a cooling tray that allows you to prop the eggs up with minimal smudging of the dye. Of the decorations, my favorite are the patterned bands. In a matter of seconds the band clings to the egg, much like shrink wrap.


Here is a quick how-to:


Select one of the bands and slide it onto a dyed egg. I used a plain egg to show the shrink effect more clearly. Position the band in the middle.
With the wire dipper, place the egg into a pot of boiling water. Wait a few seconds until the band has completely adhered to the egg.
Voilà! The pattern has sealed onto the egg. A little bit of the dye may have come off after putting the egg in the water. At this point you can re-dye it to make the color brighter.


Need a little more inspiration? Here are a few other decorating ideas using the items in the kit.


Love Bunnies: Use the white pom poms for tails, googly eyes and markers for the ears, nose and whiskers to create these bunny face profiles.


Personalized Egg: Spell out a name, initials or a simple monogram with the foam alphabet stickers in the kit.


Deco Eggs: The decorative bands have a “painted” look once adhered.


Aqua Ombre Egg: A minimalistic yet beautiful design created just through the dyeing process. Fully submerge the egg into the dye and lift out when you achieve the desired starting shade. Then lower the egg 2/3 into the liquid and hold until the egg color has darkened. Repeat again, but lower the egg 1/3 into the liquid to get the darkest shade at the bottom.


Mixed Media Eggs: Combine different decorations to create these eggs. The kit comes with a white crayon that looks invisible when in use, but after dyeing the egg the drawing pops against the dye color. The blue egg has a crayon drawing with pop-up daisy stickers.


Citrus Mustache Men: Their ‘staches were hand-cut from the green felt stickers.


We will be demoing the kit in-store this Saturday, March 24th at Union Square in San Francisco. Come join us! Demonstration times vary by location. Please call your local store for more information.



Easter Egg Decorating Kit Easter Basket


About the author: Jenn Yee is a part of the Williams-Sonoma Union Square culinary team. The store is her dream kitchen. The Food Hall is her favorite section and can talk endlessly about baking mixes and bakeware. When not at work her every moment, not surprisingly, is still very much about food. She’s honing her skills at pastry school, attending food events, meeting chefs and vendors and out in search of the best pastries and desserts. She dreams of Pierre Herme macarons and Gerard Mulot croissants. www.deliciouslynoted.com.

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