Everything Thanksgiving: Our Top Tips & Recipes

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Everything Thanksgiving: Our Top Tips & Recipes

The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun! We’ve gathered our best recipe collections, menus, tips and more for all of your last-minute needs. Happy Thanksgiving — here’s to a flawless feast, from our kitchen to yours.




Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving AppetizersRecipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Appetizers
Start your feast off on a delicious note with small bites that feature the season’s best ingredients and flavors. Here are some of our favorite no-fuss nibbles — they’ll keep friends and family happy while they wait for dinner to begin.
Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving SaladsRecipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Salads
We love a cheesy, creamy gratin as much as anyone else, but a splash of fall greens on your Thanksgiving buffet is still a welcome sight. Here are some of our favorite salads to add to your menu, featuring fresh lettuces and tangy vinaigrettes, with seasonal vegetables, crumbly cheeses and crunchy nuts to top them off.
Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Vegetables & SidesRecipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Vegetables & Sides
Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time to put a new spin on your favorite fall vegetables. Here, we update some classics: green bean casserole gets a homemade makeover, broccoli stars in a creamy gratin instead of potatoes, and cabbage leaves are filled with a savory stuffing.
Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving PotatoesRecipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Potatoes
Whether you like your potatoes mashed until fluffy and creamy or layered with melted cheese and cream, no Thanksgiving spread is complete without them. Here are some our top picks for the feast.
Recipe Roundup: Green BeansRecipe Roundup: Green Beans
Green beans are one of the many great — and delicious — Thanksgiving traditions. Here are some of our favorite side dishes featuring green beans, from the classic comforting casserole to new, fresher takes.
Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving StuffingRecipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Stuffing
When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, everyone has their personal favorites, but it’s safe to say stuffing is at the top of most lists. See some of our best renditions of the side dish we look forward to year after year.
Recipe Roundup: CranberriesRecipe Roundup: Cranberries
With their bright, tart flavor and festive hue, cranberries deserve a place on your fall table. These recipes show how fresh cranberries can perk up sweet and savory dishes to perfection.
Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving PiesRecipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Pies
It’s the grand finale for our favorite meal of the year: the Thanksgiving pie! Whether you swear by the classics or are looking for a sweet new spin, these autumnal recipes have you covered. Keep reading, and get inspired to start baking.
10 Cocktails for Thanksgiving10 Cocktails for Thanksgiving
Raise a glass to the friends and family who’ve gathered for this special occasion. These well-balanced cocktails are inspired by the best of the season’s ingredients, infused with fresh herbs and fruit. What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving bounty?




Our Expert Thanksgiving TimelineOur Expert Thanksgiving Timeline
To pull off the perfect Thanksgiving feast, you need a plan. Here, a Williams-Sonoma culinary expert shares her foolproof turkey day timeline and tips — from setting the table to making gravy and cleaning the house. It’s never too late to jump in!
Inside Our Test Kitchen: 10 Tips for a Fabulous Thanksgiving FeastInside Our Test Kitchen: 10 Tips for a Fabulous Thanksgiving Feast
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you haven’t yet planned your menu, there’s still time to pull off a fabulous – and stress-free – feast. The cooks in the Williams-Sonoma Test Kitchen shared their top 10 tips for the big day.
Master Your Mashed PotatoesMaster Your Mashed Potatoes
Here, we’re sharing a basic recipe and a step-by-step guide to perfect mashed potatoes — whatever flavors you choose, this technique will achieve the ideal texture every time.
Step-by-Step Turkey PrepStep-by-Step Turkey Prep
Are you ready to take on the turkey this Thanksgiving? To help you prepare, we’ve gathered our tried-and-true tips for seasoning and roasting your bird, step by step.
How to Fry a TurkeyHow to Fry a Turkey
Frying the Thanksgiving turkey has caught on, and it’s easy to see why: the skin becomes dark and crispy, while the meat remains tender and juicy. Try these tips to pull it off at home.
How to Make Lump-Free GravyHow to Make Lump-Free Gravy
Nothing accompanies turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing quite like savory, creamy gravy — it’s as eagerly anticipated as the bird itself. Here’s our master recipe and how-to guide.
Secrets to Perfect PiesSecrets to Perfect Pies
Pies don’t always turn out how you expect them to, but you can handle any last-minute Thanksgiving dessert surprises with our tips. From a crumbly crust to a runny filling, learn how to fix some of the most common pie issues — and how to avoid them next time around.


Menus & Entertaining Tips


A Healthy Thanksgiving MenuA Healthy Thanksgiving Menu
Create a satisfying Thanksgiving feast with all of the foods you love and none of the guilt. Here, we’ve gathered our favorite healthy dishes for every course of the holiday meal — low in fat, high in nutrients and fall flavor, and sure to please the people you share them with.
A Vegetarian Thanksgiving MenuA Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
Turkey is Thanksgiving tradition, but let’s face it: the stars of the holiday menu are the vegetable sides, whether you eat meat or not. Here, we’ve pulled together a meatless menu everyone will love, with seasonal dishes for every course of your meal.
A Gluten-Free ThanksgivingA Gluten-Free Thanksgiving
Sharing is the spirit of Thanksgiving, and that means making delicious dishes everyone can enjoy. Luckily, it’s never been easier to prepare gluten-free recipes for every course of your feast – with hearty fall flavors in the spotlight, these recipes will become favorites.
A Dairy-Free Thanksgiving MenuA Dairy-Free Thanksgiving Menu
With a little creativity, you can make a show-stopping Thanksgiving dinner without any butter, cream or cheese. Instead of those staples, add interest to your dishes with flavors of bacon, fresh herbs and bold, tangy vinaigrettes — these recipes offer solutions for every course of the meal.
Make-Ahead Thanksgiving MenuMake-Ahead Thanksgiving Menu
Savor time with friends and family instead of juggling a dozen different dishes by planning ahead, and by choosing dishes you can work on well in advance. Here, we’ve put together a full menu of delicious recipes that allow you to prep early on, adding special finishing touches at the last minute.
Party Planner: Thanksgiving Made EasyParty Planner: Thanksgiving Made Easy
This Thanksgiving, ensure your feast is simple and spectacular with a menu that makes use of smart shortcuts. From a pumpkin bisque soup starter to pecan pie filling in a jar, we’ve got everything you need to prepare an easy—and delicious—holiday feast.
Party Planner: A Blackberry Farm ThanksgivingParty Planner: A Blackberry Farm Thanksgiving
This year we partnered with Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm to create a Thanksgiving menu inspired by new recipes and old rituals. The result is an extraordinary meal that celebrates seasonal bounty and offers a new take on tradition. Here, we have all the recipes and entertaining tips you need to recreate it at home.
The Thanksgiving TableThe Thanksgiving Table
More than any other holiday, Thanksgiving is celebrated with a bountiful table. By assembling the right balance of elements, any table can be made festive and beautiful — use this guide to create a gorgeous backdrop to your holiday feast.
Thanksgiving Wine Picks from Williams-Sonoma WineThanksgiving Wine Picks from Williams-Sonoma Wine
We’re all looking for wine recommendations for the Thanksgiving feast, so we asked our Williams-Sonoma Wine team for some crowd-pleasing favorites. Read on — cheers!

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