Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Wine

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Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Wine

Even the best cooks can be intimidated by a wine list. Enter our Guide to Wine, an interactive primer with everything you need to know, from grape varietals and growing regions to tasting, serving and pairing with food.


First, learn all about the grapes that create popular styles of wine: sparkling, white, rose, red and dessert. You’ll find out what to look for on labels and what to expect from varietals grown in different regions.


Introducing Williams-Sonoma StemwareNext, see which glasses are best for serving specific wines, and discover why each shape is ideal for distinct styles. We also have all the stemware you need to round out your collection. Still stumped? Check out our stemware buying guide to learn which glasses are right for you.


Our tasting guide walks you through the four steps to evaluating a new wine, from its appearance to aroma and flavors. A tasting glossary provides key terms to help you describe the wines. We even have tips for hosting a wine-tasting party at home, with creative ideas for themes and decor.


Finally, we explain how to pair wines with your favorite foods. Our chart offers pairing suggestions for each style of wine, along with recipes to get you started.


Read on to get inspired! And once you’ve reached expert status, visit the Williams-Sonoma Wine shop for some of our best bottles.

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  1. Savannagal

    It would be super handy to have your wine guide in a downloadable PDF that I could take with me when I’m wine shopping.


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