These Recipes Have Us Really, Really Excited for Summer

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Memorial Day weekend’s finally arrived! With that comes the unofficial start to summer—something that we’re really, really ready for this year. For months now, we’ve been fantasizing about fresh heirloom tomato slices topped with extra-virgin olive oil and flaky sea salt, ice-cold watermelon cubes blended with ice (okay, and vodka), and bowls of yogurt drizzled with honey topped with slices of ripe figs. But that’s not all: here are five other warm-weather dishes that have us so very ready for the season.



Corn on the Cob


Whether it’s yellow or white, just-picked, ultra-sweet, fresh-from-the-farm corn is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We like to eat it Mexican-style: slathered with mayonnaise and blanketed with cotija cheese and chopped cilantro. 

Lobster Rolls


If there’s one iconic food that conjures up images of summers by the shore, it’s the lobster roll. This time of year, when lobsters are plentiful and reasonably priced, is the best time to make them at home.

Tomato and Bread Salad


Tomato panzanella (Italian bread salad) is one of the dishes that make us most excited for summer: Those sweet, burst tomatoes, chewy sourdough bread, fresh herbs. We’ll eat it as many times as we can find tomatoes.


BBQ Ribs


Short-sleeve weather means it’s time to dust off that grill and get back to enjoying America’s favorite summer pastime: barbecue. Be sure to have some wipes handy when you go to town on those baby back ribs!



Summer Pies


You’d be hard-pressed to find a fruit lover whose very favorite pick doesn’t come from the summer bounty. We’re entering peak season for blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines and more, and the next best thing short of eating them out of hand is to enjoy any of them in a fresh-out-of-the-oven pie.


Tell us: What recipes and dishes have you most looking forward to summer?

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