Saturday Food Section: Make Frozen Yogurt in 20 Minutes Flat

Behind the Scenes, Meet

This could be yours in 20 minutes.


Welcome to the weekend! Now’s the time to settle in and catch up on all this week’s food news. Here are top-level highlights of some of the food stories we’ve been reading this week.



  • A San Francisco-based muralist is paying homage to Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup paintins with LaCroix-inspired pop art. [Eater SF]


  • Do you absolutely hate punching in the cooking time on the side of an oven or microwave? If so, Tovala, a $400 smart oven, might be for you. [Grub Street]


  • After a stint in rehab, Sean Brock—a chef and restaurateur at least partially responsible for the revival of Southern cuisine and bourbon across the country—on a new mission to take better care of restaurant workers. [New York Times]




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