Free Gluten-Free Baking Technique Classes

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Williams-Sonoma has partnered with BabyCakes, the award-winning New York bakery, to provide an introduction to gluten-free baking during this weekend’s in-store technique classes.


We’ll demonstrate (and sample) some of their scrumptious recipes as we discuss the correct flours and other ingredients to use, plus techniques for making tender baked goods. Even if you can eat traditional baked treats, these makeovers will provide sweet inspiration.


Attend our free Weekday Breakfast technique class this weekend to learn how to prepare healthy recipes for the whole family.


  • This hour-long technique class is FREE and includes tastings of prepared dishes.
  • Participants enjoy 10% savings on select same-day store purchases.
  • Available at all stores; class times vary by store location.
  • Class size is limited so call your local store to register.


In case you missed out on any of our previous classes, don’t worry, you can download the brochures here.


2 comments about “Free Gluten-Free Baking Technique Classes

  1. Carol De Coteau

    I just found out that I need to go “gluten free”, and I don’t know the first thing about it. I could use some help here, with recipes and menu’s that would help me employ a daily requirement of nutritional needs, and still help me enjoy the process of changing my eating habits.

    Where are the best places to find this info?


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