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Admit it: many of us have scary memories of our mother’s hissing pressure cooker. Today’s models—a far cry from those earlier ones—are making a comeback because of the health benefits and because they reduce cooking times by up to 70%.


This weekend’s technique classes at Williams-Sonoma will take the “pressure” off your kitchen time. We’ll discuss the basics of pressure cooking and share some delicious recipes. So give this convenient appliance a second chance!


  • This hour-long technique class is FREE and includes tastings of prepared dishes.
  • Participants enjoy 10% savings on select same-day store purchases.
  • Available at all stores; class times vary by store location.
  • Class size is limited so call your local store to register.


In case you missed out on any of our previous classes, don’t worry, you can download the brochures here.


3 comments about “Free Pressure Cooking Technique Classes

  1. Laura @ hip pressure cooking

    Thank you for demystifying the pressure cooker… I hope that because of your demonstrations many more people will be curious about the art of pressure cooking and will realize that most cooking and techniques that can be done in the oven (except for dry baking, of course) can be done in a pressure cooker, faster and with better results!

    Things that most people don’t know about that you can pressure cook are:

    – Desserts – custards, cheese cakes, and even pepping for more complicated desserts (like boiling chestnuts)
    – Eggs – you an pressure cook to Soft, Medium or Hard-boil a fresh egg and get perfect easy-to-peel results!
    – Fish – can be infused with flavors and be done in a flash
    – Whole Chicken – you can steam roast a whole chicken, which has been previously browned, in 15 minutes under pressure and have a very stunning dish!

    Anyone who purchases a pressure cooker after attending these classes can come online and take my free learning recipe pressure cooking course – which teaches the basics and more advanced techniques like steaming and Bain Marie with detailed instructions and step-by-step photographs!



  2. john

    Can you please send me next available classes on pressure cookers

    Thank you John


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