Frozen Desserts 101

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Frozen Desserts 101

Ice cream, gelato, fro-yo — they’re all delicious, and they’re all a little different. Here, we break it down. Read on, then learn more about summer’s best scoops in our guide!


Ice CreamIce Cream
Any iced or frozen cream, or a combination of milk and cream, sweetened with sugar.
Recipe: Salted Caramel Ice Cream
Philadelphia-Style Vanilla Ice CreamPhiladelphia-Style Ice Cream
Quick and easy ice cream made from an uncooked base that doesn’t include eggs.
Recipe: Philadelphia-Style Vanilla Ice Cream
French-Style Ice CreamFrench-Style Ice Cream
Ice cream made from a cooked egg custard that is chilled before churning.
Recipe: Strawberry-Creme Fraiche Ice Cream
Ruby Grapefruit SorbetSorbet
Smooth, light dessert with no eggs or dairy, made by churning and freezing a sweet puree that usually contains fruit.
Recipe: Ruby Grapefruit Sorbet
Coffee-Scented Custard GelatoGelato
Silky Italian frozen treat made with an egg-rich custard and less cream than ice cream. Less air is incorporated during churning, resulting in a denser consistency.
Recipe: Coffee-Scented Custard Gelato
Blackberry-Buttermilk SherbetSherbet
A cross between ice cream and sorbet, usually made with a fruit puree and sugar, and often containing dairy.
Recipe: Blackberry-Buttermilk Sherbet
Dessert made by freezing a puree or liquid in a pan and stirring or scraping by hand to create an icy consistency.
Recipe: Sauternes and Lemon Honey Granita


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