Get a Head Start on Fall Preserving

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Stone fruits and tomatoes get all the love when summer fades, as we buy them by the box to can for the winter. But come fall, we have a new crop of ingredients that are just as worthy.


From figs to fennel, here are some of our favorite things to put up during the fall. See more ideas here!


Jellies & Preserves


Pomegranate Jelly
If you’re lucky enough to have a pomegranate tree, this is a wonderful way to use the juice. If not, store-bought juice works just as well.
Fig Preserves
The lush sweetness of the figs shines through in this simple recipe. Quarter them and serve on crostini with goat cheese.
Red Berry Jelly
This luscious currant jelly is perfect to serve with lamb or veal. You can also make it with any soft berries available in your area this time of year.


Pickles & Chutneys


Pickled Fennel with Orange Zest
Bright and bracing, pickled fennel can be enjoyed just a day after it is canned. The fronds look beautiful in the jars and on a serving plate alongside the fennel slices.
Curried Yellow Tomato Chutney
This simple chutney strikes a sweet-savory balance with a kick of Indian spices.
Pickled Beets
Use a range of colors of beets for this recipe to create a vibrant presentation. Throw the pickled beets in salads, layered with fresh mozzarella — or straight from the jar.


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