10 of Our Favorite Gingerbread Recipes

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Christmas Gingerbread Cookies


Gingerbread—that sweet, spicy holiday staple—has a fascinating history. The first-known gingerbread recipe traces to Greece in 2400 B.C. Chinese and European cultures both developed renditions, and gingerbread cookies gilded in gold became a staple of Medieval fairs.


No matter how you love your gingerbread, whether in cookie, cake or house form, we’ve got a recipe or a product for you. After all, you’ve waited all year long to be surrounded with the good stuff in its many delicious incarnations. Why not celebrate?


1. Gingerbread Folk

gingerbread folk


Classic gingerbread folk decked out in icing or left plain and iconic are a welcome addition to any cookie swap. These are actually vegan, and feature the beloved trio of holiday baking flavors: cinnamon, ginger and cloves. They’re wonderfully crisp, and will make your home smell fabulous as they bake.


2. Dark and Sticky Gingerbread Cake

Dark and Sticky Gingerbread


Some people love that gingerbread flavor, but don’t like the cookies’ texture. Introduce them to this velvety gingerbread cake, boasting a tender, moist crumb and two types of ginger: fresh and crystallized. Paired with a scoop of whipped cream and perhaps a pint of Guinness, it’s among the most elegant ways to serve gingerbread at a party.


3. Gingerbread Layer Cake

gingerbread layer cake


Not to be outdone, this gingerbread cake recipe is also excellent, and check out that show-stopping presentation! Both the batter and the frosting have unique characteristics: The cake contains stout, five baking spices (nutmeg and cardamom among them), and molasses. The frosting brims with heavy cream and mascarpone, maple and vanilla extracts. And who doesn’t love “snowy” rosemary sprigs as charming cake toppers?


4. Gingerbread People

gingerbread people


Super-simple gingerbread people are a snap to make, and kids have a blast helping you decorate them. This recipe comes together in a flash and features large cookies, all the better for small, eager hands. All you need are the right cookie cutters, and you’re off to the races.


5. Gingerbread Pancakes

gingerbread pancakes


The only thing easier than these cookies and cakes? Gingerbread pancakes. It’s so fun to wake up the family with a house that smells like gingerbread, and then plate these fat flapjacks in front of them. Make your own orange-blossom maple syrup, if you wish. (It’s easy.) Or just stick with the real deal. Either way, these pancakes taste like the holidays without requiring quite so many dishes.


6. Gingerbread Latte Cookies

gingerbread latte cookies


Cocoa and almond flour add oomph to these gingerbread latte cookies, but the real spotlight-stealer is the filling. Instant espresso powder mingles with butter and sugar for a gorgeous, subtle “frosting” binding the two cookies together. And how pretty are they? These are just the thing to drop on the neighbors’ porch this holiday.


7. Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Gingerbread Cookies


For those who celebrate Christmas, these gingerbread cookies make excellent stocking stuffers or gifts. We love the little “ornaments,” and that the batter feature a full cup of molasses. It gives the finished confections that sort of malty, aromatic oomph that can make gingerbread so very yummy.


8. Gingerbread House Mug Topper

gingerbread house mug topper


Does someone you love have a holiday birthday? Give her a cup of cocoa topped with this special gingerbread house mug topper, and watch how happy it makes her. It’s as sturdy as it is adorable, designed to perch right on the edge of a mug. An ice-blue snowflake ornaments the door, and the roof sparkles with sugar “snow.”


9. Gingerbread House

gingerbread house


Only a grinch would dislike a gingerbread house. This one is customizable for the gingerbread lover in your life. Richly spiced and handcrafted by artisan bakers, it arrives ready for display, from the wreath on its front door to the poinsettias in the windowsills and jolly snowman out front. Personalize the cookie plaque above the crimson door however you wish.


10. DIY Gingerbread House

gingerbread house kit


Kids and adults alike flip for our DIY gingerbread house kit. Not only is it a tasty way to occupy a snow day, but it’s fun and simple to build. We’ve pre-cut sturdy pieces of fresh-baked gingerbread for you, and included an icing mix so you can whip up a batch of sweet homemade “glue.” Once the hard work of building is done, deck the halls however you wish—from jewel-tone gumdrops to red-and-green holly candies.

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