5 Reasons Why the Everdure is the Grill of Your Dreams

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Anyone who’s ever seen men circling a grill and critiquing technique might agree: It seems like everyone and his brother has a barbecue tip at the ready. But you know whose advice we trust? Heston Blumenthal, chef of England’s three-Michelin-starred restaurant The Fat Duck. And his rotisserie grill, The Hub, from Everdure, is the grill of your dreams—even if you consider yourself a meat maestro. Here are five reasons why.


1. Developed by a Three-Michelin-Starred Chef


Blumenthal has always loved barbecues, and has spent the last 20 years tirelessly trying to figure out how to create a great one. “Why does convenience have to dominate quality?” he asked himself. After research and consultations around the world, he discovered that it doesn’t. You can have a magnificently designed grill that folds away into a state-of-the-art box but opens up into a wondrous rotisserie.


2. It’s a Showstopper

If you’ve never used a rotisserie at a party, be prepared for the attention you’ll get. There’s no showstopper like a whole pig or a couple of chickens slowly spinning over the coals. Blumenthal, in the video above, loves that it has a sort of medieval sensibility, and “evokes kings and queens past.” As he says, in the 1800s, chefs in the palaces were “the leading experts of roasting meat over a fire.” So why not have a royal barbecue this year?

3. Rotisserie is Easy

Rotisserie isn’t as difficult as you might guess by looking. You simply push two forks into your meat, and they lock in. Spit-roasting works so well, explains the chef, because as the meat turns it heats and cools, so you have much more even cooking throughout. Nothing gets too hot. Additionally, that turning helps keep juices in the meat.

4. Cook Pigs, Chickens, Lambs, or Fish

This works beautifully for a pair of chickens, a leg of lamb, or a whole fish. Each is a crowd-pleaser that looks stunning when plated. Adjustable racks let you bring your meat closer to or farther from the heat.


5. It Uses Real Charcoal but Lights as Easily as Gas

Don’t feel like dealing with a chimney starter for a charcoal grill? Not a problem with The Hub. Charcoal-powered, but lighting instantly when you press a button, this is everything you want in a grill.


Blumenthal was deeply involved in the creation of this machine, and he loves it. Why not follow the lead of the pros? Learn more about The Hub.

2 comments about “5 Reasons Why the Everdure is the Grill of Your Dreams

  1. Janha

    They don’t call it the heart attack grill for nothing. Look up the menu and you’ll see how outrageous it really is. Been to Vegas half a dozen times but never been game enough to go in there. Usually a place with defibrillators is a good indication not to eat there

  2. Tigrr

    Hahaha…..such a reasonable price….said no one ever. i hope it comes with a personal chef and a cattle farm!


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