Happy Labor Day!

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Happy Labor Day! Celebrate the unofficial transition from summer to fall (and an extra-long weekend) with casual comfort foods driven by the season. Today’s the perfect day to savor sweet, bright tomatoes, juicy corn, fragrant stone fruit and char-grilled meats while you still can. See our top late-summer recipes, tips and tricks, and entertaining ideas, all in one place.


Host the Ultimate Labor Day Cookout


Make your Labor Day holiday a memorable one by inviting loved ones over to enjoy this menu that highlights summer’s most delicious spoils.

Grill Perfect Pork Chops


In the words of outdoor cooking expert Fred Thompson, a badly-grilled pork chop “can be the most leathery piece of meat you have ever tried to eat.” To combat this from happening, follow his three golden rules when it comes to grilling pork chops.

Peaches with Prosciutto and Mascarpone6 Craveworthy Appetizers—No Heat Source Required


Still melting in the summer heat? Step away from those stovetops, ovens and barbecue grills and make these starters perfect for any party or impromptu snack.

5 Ways to Barbecue a Whole Chicken


Cooking a chicken whole is the cheapest—and often easiest—way to prepare the bird. Since bones help develop great flavor, you’ll also end up with a better-tasting meal than if you were eating boneless chicken breasts or thighs. Here are five of our favorite ways to tame your bird on an open flame.

Easy Tomato Salads


There’s only one season when it’s worth making tomato salads, and that’s right now. While tomatoes often serve as the star of other dishes like pastas, tarts and egg dishes, we think the juicy summer fruits are at their best when you don’t do much to them at all.

Master Homemade Ice Cream Cake


An ice cream cake is the ultimate showstopping dessert for any warm-weather party. It combines everyone’s favorite things—rich, melting ice cream and soft, fluffy cake—in one perfect package, and it’s easy to make at home if you follow a few guidelines.

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