Holiday Gift Guide: Pantry Upgrades

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Today’s gift guide features all of our sure-to-please gifts for your favorite cook — pantry items to take any dish to the next level. Enjoy!


1. Blue Hill Honey: A drizzle of this sweet, floral honey gives a cheese platter a big flavor boost. It’s perfect for your pal who loves to entertain.


2. Olive Oil Gift Set: Pair our Williams-Sonoma house olive oil with a stylish stainless-steel dispenser for a gift friends will want to leave out on display.


3. San Marzano Pizza Sauce: The best pizza sauces are the ones that include little more than whole tomatoes, and this one fits the bill. Tell recipients to pull it out for their next family-style dinner party.


4. Mohr-Fry Christmas Lima Beans: Festive name aside, these beans are deliciously rich, with a flavor reminiscent of chestnuts. Healthy cooks will love them.


5. Nielsen-Massey World Vanillas: Serious bakers will be thrilled to experiment with the nuances of Mexican, Tahitian and Madagascar Bourbon vanillas.


6. Bouquet Garni: Bring the best of the world’s herbs to your friends’ soups and stews: thyme from France, parsley from California and bay leaves from the Mediterranean.


7. Truffle & Salt: Sea salt flavored with Italian black truffles makes a special occasion out of the simplest pantry meals.


8. ‘wichcraft Artisanal Condiment Trio: Explore beyond mayo and mustard. These flavorful spreads are lifesavers for packing lunches (think Balsamic Onion Maramalade!).


9. Blackberry Farm Pickled Beets & Strawberries: This unexpected combination is a welcome sweet-sour accompaniment to salumi. Give it to someone who looks forward to a picnic in the park.

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