Holiday Wine & Cheese Party

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An elegant holiday celebration doesn’t have to translate to hours in the kitchen. One of our favorite ideas for effortless entertaining is a wine and cheese party, which proves how a few simple, sophisticated elements can create a warm, festive gathering. Here’s how to pull it off.


Drinks & Nibbles


Serve a selection of affordable, easy-to-drink wines that are sure to please a crowd:


When serving cheeses, offering an assortment from one producer or region can be a fun way to sample different varieties.


Entertaining Tips


  • About 2 hours before serving, remove cheeses from the refrigerator, unwrap them and allow them to come to room temperature.
  • When you’re ready to serve, arrange cheeses, fruit and nuts on a cutting board, marble slab, or 1 or more platters. Include a spreader for each soft cheese and a sharp paring knife or cheese plane for hard cheese. Try to arrange the cheeses with a sense of flow, placing them in the order you want your guests to taste them. A large, rustic board is perfect for showing off the different varieties.
  • Set out a bowl of spiced nuts along with the wines and cheeses. Offer a bread basket or board with baguette rounds, thin slices of dark bread, or crackers. Fresh and dried fruits are other welcome accompaniments.
  • If you’re attending a wine and cheese party instead of hosting one, bring a bottle of wine tucked into a festive tote — the host or hostess will love receiving two gifts in one!
  • Quality glasses are a must for entertaining. Choose glasses that showcase the varietals you’re serving, and consider decanting heartier red wines.
  • Special serving pieces help dress up simple food displays. We love these moose cocktail picks — set them out with a bowl of olives.

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