Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

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This post comes to us courtesy of home entertaining and lifestyle blogger Jenny Steffens Hobick


I usually post tips, recipes and menus for hosting parties, but what happens when you are the guest? It is important for you to be as gracious of a guest as you are when you’re the one hosting the party. I put together some ideas for great hostess gifts you can bring with you when you go to someone’s home for a party.


Of course, the traditional hostess gifts are flowers or wine. I took each of those a step further and made them a little bit more special.


I also included on of my favorite hostess or favor ideas — breakfast. I got this idea from my husband Mike’s mom when I did a party for her. She had gone to a bakery and purchased huge, delicious cinnamon rolls to send home with her dinner guests. She even gave me (the caterer!) one to take home… mine didn’t last the car ride.


I think it is such a great idea — especially for a hostess, because she’s  likely spent all of her time and energy preparing for the party and breakfast is the last thing from her mind. Wouldn’t it be so nice for her to wake up tomorrow morning and have a special treat waiting for her in the kitchen?


Potted Paper Whites

Cut floral bouquets can be beautiful, but my favorite type of flower is a potted one. I love to watch it develop and bloom — there is something special about caring for a plant. Paper Whites make great potted flowers; they are tall and elegant with white blooms. I love the way the look in my house during the holiday season… and they smell amazing!


For the gift, I planted the bulb in a decorative bowl. I covered the top of the soil with patches of moss — much more elegant than exposed dirt. To package, I set the bowl down into a cellophane bag and tied it with natural twine. I attached a printed tag to it so she’ll know what to expect!  For step-by-step directions, visit my blog.


Bring Breakfast

If you’re invited to someone’s home for a party, resist bringing an appetizer or something that should be served that night. The hostess likely has everything planned that she’d like to serve — don’t add pressure by adding your own flair to her menu. Instead, treat her to breakfast!


This Monkey Bread baked in a disposable bundt pan is a great gift. Monkey Bread, yeast rolls that are coated with cinnamon and sugar, is one of my family’s holiday traditions for Christmas morning. You can easily make this in large batches for gifts to give to friends, neighbors and co-workers, too!  For the recipe, visit my blog.



Everyone appreciates a great bottle of wine. When buying for a gift or a party, I am drawn to bottles with pretty labels that coordinate with my event or the holiday… I know, not the best way to buy wine! To avoid bringing a bad bottle, here is a way to easily jazz up your wine bottle to make them appropriate for whatever your occasion. For step-by-step directions, visit my blog.


About the authorJenny Steffens Hobick, a home entertaining and lifestyle blogger, makes entertaining accessible and enjoyable… for the hosts and guests.  As a former caterer and party planner, Jenny shares her secrets to hosting casual and elegant parties. From table settings to recipes, her creative tips and resourceful methods inspire her readers to make Everyday Occasions special – whether it be a family style feast, elegant cocktail party or intimate dinner for two.  Jenny believes that entertaining at its best is done often, with an effortless and easy style.

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