How Do You Live in Your Kitchen?

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This post comes to us courtesy of editor Sarah Latta. 


It’s no secret—the way people live and eat in their kitchens is changing. Once a small, cramped room designed to keep the hustle and bustle of domestic life out of sight, today it’s the most popular seat in the house—literally! Instead of just cooking, people are pulling up counterstools to commune with the favorite people in their lives. You cook, you sit, you laugh…and then you do it all again the next day. Good set-up, right?


Is your kitchen design working for you? A newly launched article on by designer Mick De Giulio will help you figure it out. Is your kitchen designed for conversation or just cooking? Is it a room that makes you instantly happy when you enter? De Giulio, who’s infamous in the kitchen design world for being a forward thinker and executor of all things gorgeous in the kitchen space, will inspire you to think beyond what you know. I, for one, would love a kitchen with doors that swing wide open to the outdoors, like his kitchen featured above. Baking toasted coconut cupcakes to a warm summer breeze? Yes, please!


Tell us…how would you live in your kitchen if anything was possible? Get inspired by what De Giulio has to say by clicking here — and see a quick sneak peek below!



About the author: Sarah Latta, editor of, Williams-Sonoma’s website on kitchen design and inspiration, admittedly thinks about the look of her kitchen just as much as she does the food that gets cooked in it. And while she can practically touch both walls of her San Francisco kitchen (at the same time), it doesn’t stop her from dreaming of wide prep counters and an ultra-organized spice cabinet. Having worked as an editor at various shelter magazines, home design is her sweet spot—and kitchens, her passion.

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  1. Fathiya

    BEAUTIFUL! excellent , peaceful , kitchen.

    For me the kitchen is the life of a home.

  2. Williams-Sonoma and Taste | Your Daily Buzz

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