Secrets to Making Your Best-Ever Bundt Cake

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Want a gorgeous-looking baked dessert that feels fancy but doesn’t require a lot of fuss? Then bake a Bundt cake. These German-inspired, ring-shaped cakes are incredibly simple—no layers, crumb coats or frosting required!—and all you need is a molded Bundt pan. Follow our tips (and watch our video below!) for your best Bundt cake ever.


The easiest method for greasing a Bundt pan is to use a baking spray that contains flour, such as Bak-Klene (a non-flour-based spray will leave a less-than-desirable residue behind).  Take the time to ensure that you get inside every nook and cranny, covering all the crevices of the pan; this will help the cake release easily and the design to be sharply defined. After spraying, use a pastry brush to remove excess grease.


If you can’t locate a baking spray with flour, you can also flour and butter the pan by hand using a pastry brush.


There are a few measures that you can take during the filling process to prevent air bubbles from forming during baking. Spoon the batter into the pan slowly; when finished, tap the Bundt pan gently three times on a work surface to release any bubbles that may have developed (and ensure that the batter reaches all the crevices in the design).


Here’s another tip that all the pros know: Using a silicone spatula, spread the batter so that the sides are filled slightly higher than the center is. “I find that spreading the batter toward the edges so that the sides are higher than the center helps bake the cake most evenly and without a defined dome on top when you take it out of the oven,” adds Amanda Haas, Williams Sonoma’s culinary director.

Testing Doneness

Because every oven varies in temperature, always test your cake by inserting a wooden skewer into the cake. It should come out with a few moist crumbs attached, but not any wet batter.

Removing the Cake From the Pan

After baking, transfer your Bundt cake to a wire rack, and let it cool upright in the pan for 10 minutes. This will give the cake enough time to settle a form a nice crumb, but not so long that it will start to stick to the pan.


Once cooled, tap the pan firmly a few times, and shake it gently to help loosen the cake from the edges of the pan. Invert the pan onto a cooking rack by putting the rack on top of the pan, placing your hand on top of the rack to secure it, and then flipping the entire thing upside down.


Allow the cake to finish cooling completely. After the pan has cooked on the rack for about an hour, you can use a serrated knife to even out any doming on the bottom. For an extra touch, if you like, shower the cake with powdered sugar or glaze (just don’t glaze while the cake is still warm, otherwise the glaze will melt right off!).


Head over to our site for recipes and even more pointers on making perfect Bundt cakes, and shop our complete Bundt pan collection.

12 comments about “Secrets to Making Your Best-Ever Bundt Cake

  1. Zuzu Petals

    I really like the tip about spreading the batter towards the sides to counteract the dome effect. I had been wondering about that. Now I know how to make it lay flatter on a plate or cake stand. Thank you for the excellent tips!

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  4. Mona Thompaon

    I’d sure like to know how to bake a cake in a bundt pan. I have tried to often, but failed.

  5. Bill Wall

    Please verify, after flipping the cake over onto the rack do I remove the cake
    pan or does it remain on the cake for an hour. The sentence that says” After the pan has cooked on the rack for about an hour, you can use a serrated knife to even out any doming on the bottom.” is confusing to me.

    1. Janelle

      I can see how that could be confusing. Remove the pan from the cake after flipping it over. It should say, “After the cake has cooled on the rack for about an hour, you can use a serrated knife to even out any doming on the bottom.” Of course, you will have to flip the cake back over to trim, if so desired.

    1. Laurel

      The video shows cutting the dome while it is still in the pan. Do you do that before the cake has cooled. Seems that the directions are contradictory…

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