How to Make a Bouquet Garni

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A bouquet garni imparts subtle herbal flavor to soups and stews we’re simmering throughout fall. The classic combination of parsley, thyme and bay leaves creates an aromatic base for savory, slow-cooked meals perfect for the season. Other whole spices and herbs may be added to the mix for additional flavor.


Follow the steps below to create a bouquet garni, held together by a thin cheesecloth. Tying the herbs in a bundle allows you to easily remove them once dishes are finished cooking, so they’re easy to serve and enjoy right out of the pot.


Wrap the ingredients

Rinse and wring out a 10-inch square of cheesecloth (muslin). Spread out the damp cheesecloth on a work surface and place the herbs or spices in the middle.






Tie the bundle

Bring the four corners of the cheesecloth together and tie them with a length of kitchen string, forming a secure bundle with no gaps. Use the bouquet garni according to your recipe!


Try these Williams-Sonoma recipes that gain aromatic flavors from a bouquet garni:

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