How to Make a Lattice-Topped Pie

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Weaving pastry strips together into a lattice on top of a filled pie is a pretty way to create a decorative, golden crust. Follow the basic pie dough recipe for rolling out a rectangle for a lattice top. Leave the trimmed overhang of the bottom crust until the lattice is finished.


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Cut the dough strips 

Roll out the dough into a rectangle that is 2 inches longer than the diameter of your pie pan and 1/8-inch thick. Using a pizza wheel or paring knife, trim the edges and cut the rectangle into 10 equal strips.







Lay a row of the strips on the filling 

Starting 1 inch from the edge of the pie pan, lay 4 to 6 strips about 1 inch apart over the filling. Use a thin metal spatula to pick up the dough strips gently if they stick to the work surface.





Fold back alternating strips 

Fold back every other dough strip halfway over itself. Place a strip at a sharp angle across the unfolded strips, then return the folded strips to their flat position.






Weave the dough 

Fold back the remaining 3 strips, place a dough strip about 1 inch away from the first one, and return the folded strips to their flat position. Repeat to complete the lattice.





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