How to Make the Ultimate Hot Chocolate

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How to Make the Ultimate Hot Chocolate

Cozying up with a warm mug of steaming hot chocolate is one of the simple joys of the holiday season. Our hot chocolate mix is a customer favorite, and here’s the secret: it’s produced from shavings of premium Guittard chocolate instead of cocoa powder, so it has a rich, intense chocolate flavor and a velvety texture. Start there, then try these tools, tips and toppers to take your cup to the next level.




An assortment of hot chocolate flavors makes it easy to create your own perfect drink. Choose from classic, peppermint and salted caramel — or, for a group, heat pots of milk and set out bowls of all three. Stir in spoonfuls of the chocolate shavings until you reach your desired richness.


And remember, milk frothers aren’t just for lattes! Use it to add a creamy texture to your hot chocolate —  you’ll taste the difference. Adults, add a splash of rum or whiskey if you like.


How to Make the Ultimate Hot ChocolateTHE TOPPINGS


Festive spices and other add-ins make each cup special. Marshmallows – vanilla and peppermint — are a must, and we love these pretty snowflake-shaped ones, too. Whipped cream makes a mug extra indulgent; if you feel like getting fancy, try infusing your cream with our isi Mini Cream Whipper. You can add any sweeteners and flavorings you please, such as warm spices or vanilla extract.


For garnishes, try cinnamon sticks or candy stirrers, which add color and subtle flavors. Or, add more chocolate shavings from the mix for an added dose of cocoa. Here are some of our favorite combinations:

  • Classic hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate shavings
  • Salted caramel hot chocolate with toffee poles and whipped cream
  • Peppermint hot chocolate with marshmallow stars and peppermint poles




Comforting hot chocolate begs for a special holiday mug. Cheery red mugs make for cheerful sipping, and we love these monogrammed mugs for holiday gifts and party favors.


A platter is great for toting and displaying mugs, pitchers and bowls of toppings. Our antique-style platter wishes everyone a happy holiday and lends a festive touch. Or, if you love Peppermint Bark as much as we do, show it! Our vintage-style tray celebrates our iconic treat (and it can hold all of our Peppermint Bark confections, too).


Make hot chocolate part of your holiday dessert course by setting up a build-your-own hot chocolate bar, with all the flavors and fixings on one buffet or table. Make a cup just the way you like it, and let guests do the same — then gather around and savor the sweet warmth of this special season.


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