How to Prepare Winter Squash

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Don’t be intimidated by the sturdy appearance and thick skins; winter squashes have a nutty taste that complements fall flavors to perfection. Follow the steps below to prepare the squash for cooking, then scroll down to see some of our favorite recipes featuring seasonal squashes.


Halve the squash

If using butternut squash (show here) use a chef’s knife to separate the “neck” from the body. Next, cut the squash or squash parts in half lengthwise.


Scoop out the seeds

Using a sturdy spoon, scoop out and discard the seeds and any strings from each half. (The necks of butternut squash don’t contain seeds or strings).


Once you’ve prepped the squash, you can follow these directions to roast it.


Try these customer-approved Williams-Sonoma recipes using winter squashes:

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  1. Karen Katz

    I was really hoping that this post would help me more easily prepare butternut squash. It only gave a very brief start to prepping this squash. I am disappointed. I expect more complete instructions from William Sonoma!


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