How to Sow Seeds

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Spring is just around the corner! It’s time to start planning your edible garden, and that means starting the seeds that will grow into your favorite fruits, herbs and vegetables.


Whether you sow indoors and transplant the seedlings outdoors or sow directly into your garden, our guide to sowing seeds has everything you need to know. Learn when and where to sow, exactly which tools you need, and all about starting seeds indoors. Check out our Q&A with seed expert Matthew Hoffman for his best tips, too.


What are you growing in your edible garden this year?

4 comments about “How to Sow Seeds

  1. Melanie

    Where can I get those pots? Are they covered in pitch? I have some old ones that are GREAT for growing African violets…

  2. jia yu

    i planted nice beans but when i put them out at my garden with other plants it died ! How am i supposed to ‘revive’ it? Or how not to let it die?

  3. Gearing up for Spring in the midst of Winter.

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