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It’s an exciting week at Williams-Sonoma, where our team is thrilled to introduce Agrarian! Our Agrarian collection includes a range of products that support a lifestyle of healthy living and help bring the virtues of homegrown and homemade to your everyday table.


The new collection offers fresh options for the culinary gardener, as well as those interested in healthier living and gaining a heightened awareness of where your food comes from. Products include heirloom seeds, live plants and raised beds, in addition to home canning and preserving supplies and do-it-yourself cheese-making kits — even resources for those who want to raise their own bees and chickens.


Plant an edible garden to take charge of your food from the ground up. Raised beds are an ideal way to grow organic vegetables, and our kit and tools make planting and tending easy.
Whether you’re planting in the backyard or on a city rooftop, creative containers are a simple way to bring the edible garden within reach. Our assortment includes vintage bathtubs, heirloom seeds and live plants to get you started.
Our jars are perfect for preserving, pickling and canning, so you can make the most of sweet spring berries.
With our all-natural DIY kits, you can create fresh flavorful cheese in less than an hour, or even your own homemade kombucha.
Raising bees rewards you with pure, delicious honey, and increases pollination for your garden and fruit trees. We have everything you need to set up and manage your own hive of honeybees or even your own flock of chickens.


Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more resources from our new collection, including growing and planting guides, how-tos on making cheese and healthy kombucha, and more!

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  1. Cheryl

    Just heard about Agrarian. What a GREAT innovative concept. Can’t wait to look through all that is available. BTW, FREE shipping right now. How super is that! I don’t have to wait to get started. Excellent idea, Thanks Williams Sonoma, Thanks Mr. William!!


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