Introducing Thomas Keller’s All-Clad TK Collection!

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Introducing Thomas Keller's All-Clad TK Collection!

For more than a decade, Chef Thomas Keller has been working with the team at All-Clad to create a set of cookware that covers all your cooking needs — as he puts it, “the last cookware set you’ll ever buy.”


All-Clad TK CollectionWe’re thrilled to introduce the All-Clad TK Collection, which features the perfect pan for every kitchen task (only at Williams-Sonoma)! The collection combines three of All-Clad’s most legendary cookware technologies: Copper Core, d5 Stainless-Steel and Tri-Ply.


“We wanted to bring not just Chef Keller’s cooking mastery to home cooks, but the philosophy that drives him and inspires us,” says Lisa Callaghan, Director of Culinary Relations for All-Clad. “All-Clad’s expertise in cookware manufacturing and our quest for excellence in every aspect of our product development has made All-Clad the choice of great chefs and dedicated home cooks for over four decades. Chef Keller brings his in-depth understanding of the cooking process and the practical concerns of a cook to bear on this unique collaboration. Together we developed All-Clad TK; practical, beautiful and high performing cookware, that uses the right metal combinations for the best results.”


“Before, with the Copper Core collection and the others, there were pieces we could use in a professional kitchen but never a full line of cookware we could use as the only cookware in our kitchen,” adds Chef Keller. “It’s really designed from a professional point of view; we convinced them we can’t call the sauté pan a ‘fry pan’ anymore, because we don’t fry in those pans, we sauté in them. I’m really proud of what we’ve done together. Finally, we’ll represent to the consumer something I truly believe with integrity is a great set for the home cook – the last cookware set they’ll ever buy.”


The full set includes:


See Chef Keller cook and explain his favorite features of the All-Clad TK Collection:

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