Introducing Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools

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Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools are here! We’re excited to introduce our new custom tablet accessories to help you stay connected in the kitchen. Now, it’s easy for you to watch cooking videos, search for recipes, listen to music and even video chat while you cook and entertain.


The new products in our Smart Tools collection include our Kitchen Stand for Tablets, which supports your tablet device at the perfect angle for viewing; our Bluetooth Speaker, a wireless speaker with amazing sound quality; and our Screen Shield, which protects your iPad display from water and grease.


We talked to Michelle Foss with our merchandising team for the story behind the Smart Tools. “We knew that a lot of people were bringing their iPads into the kitchen to look at recipes, taking the recipes from our website into the kitchen.”


The team began with the screen shield, developing a product that would make it safe for people to use their tablets in the kitchen.


“The screen protector is anti-glare, and in the model for the second and third generation iPads, there’s a hole for the camera so people can Skype or take pictures of their food,” says Michelle. “A lot of people were Skypeing their mom in the middle of cooking and showing them their recipe to ask, ‘Does this bread look right while I’m baking?’ so we thought that was a great functionality to have here. When you have flour all over your hands, you can continue to use your iPad with no problems.”


The stand was a natural progression, allowing easy viewing. Michelle says, “The stand is really functional — it can hold an iPad or tablet in any direction, landscape or portrait.”


And the speaker? “We found that customers were really watching cooking shows in the kitchen while they were preparing their meal,” Michelle explains. “They were obviously listening to music, and watching basketball games, and people were Skypeing. If you receive a phone call, this has a microphone so you can do a hands-free phone call.”


Aside from that, the speaker has two USB ports so you can charge your iPad and iPhone, and it’s battery operated so it only needs to be plugged in while the speaker is charging. It delivers great sound quality from any Bluetooth-enabled device.


No one appreciates the convenience of these Smart Tools more than our Test Kitchen Manager Amanda Haas, who jokes that she practically lives in her kitchen. “The first thing I noticed was this beautiful design — I just want to leave it out on my countertop all the time, which is so nice. I can listen to music, watch cooking videos and just bring everything to life in the kitchen.”


Watch Amanda demonstrate how to use our Smart Tools:


Kitchen Stand:




Screen Shield:

14 comments about “Introducing Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools

  1. Win Your Holiday Gift! Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools for iPad Set

  2. Kelli

    Country music while cooking Sunday breakfast! This set is already on my Christmas wish list!

  3. Jo Sebok

    Looking forward to seeing your store open in Sydney – Australia. Live live live Willams-Sonoma

  4. Terri

    Tis the season, you can’t be in the kitchen baking without the Christmas tunes. While I love the traditional songs, I really enjoy those unique and lesser known tunes often by local artists.

  5. Carl G

    Really disappointed that I was able to buy the bluetooth speaker and protective cover, but there is no weighted base to be found. Apparently, W-S can’t properly inventory this product, so what was going to be a very classy gift is now just a pipe dream. Come on Williams Sonoma, can’t you have enough of all three of these components on hand at the holidays? My first experience with your store, and it’s not a good one.

  6. Olivia Ware

    Hi Carl, we apologize for the inconvenience. The stand is quite difficult to produce, and we refuse to sell a product that doesn’t meet our high standards. Please check back, as it should be back in stock shortly.


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