Introducing Williams-Sonoma Tools

Behind the Scenes, Meet

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Williams-Sonoma Tools! Drawing upon more than fifty years of culinary experience, our team has worked hard to design and develop our exclusive line of kitchen tools. Made from heavy stainless steel and crafted for the ultimate comfort, efficiency and control, these are kitchen essentials we’re proud to put our name on. Plus, their gleaming polished finish make them attractive choices for serving at the table.


We talked to Peter Degnan, a member of our product development team, for the story behind the tools. Read what he had to say below, and scroll down for more information about each tool.


“When we first started this process about two years ago we wanted to create the best utensils out on the market. We started with the handle. We wanted to create a handle that was shaped in a way that no matter who picked it up, it felt like it was designed specifically for their hand — so it nests perfectly in your hand.


We weighted the tools to make sure that for each of the tasks they perform, they feel comfortable and at a right weight. They feel like they will enhance your cooking experience, and you don’t become fatigued by using them. They are not overly heavy or too light; you’re letting the tool do the work for you as opposed to you having to use a lot of elbow grease.


When we started to look at the working heads of each of the tools, the things you’re using to cook, we wanted to add a lot of functionality — in some cases, dual functionality. For example, the sauté spoon. We designed this after a tool that a lot of chefs use in the restaurant business, and they use it for two reasons: it has a shallow bowl so you can capture some sauce, but it actually has a blunt end so you can use it as a spatula.


I can’t stress enough how amazing the utensils are to pick up and feel. I hope you love them as much as we do.”


Here’s an overview of the new tools in our collection, plus our favorite details about each piece:


1. Sauté Spoon: With a bowl for stirring and scooping and a blunt end for scraping, this tool does a little bit of everything.


2. Balloon Whisk: This whisk’s wires are designed for more aeration, so you can whip egg whites faster than ever.


3. Classic Slotted Spatula: More holes allow for better, faster draining with this spatula.


4. Deep Spoon: The bowl of this spoon is very deep, so it can act like a ladle for scooping and serving.


5. Squared-Off Ladle: Square edges let you reach into corners and around edges to catch every drop of liquid.


6. Spider: This wire mesh basket is perfect for tossing and lifting — you’ll love it when you’re deep-frying.


7. Fish Spatula: A super thin, flexible head allows for gentle handling of delicate fish fillets.


8. French Whisk: The narrow shape of these whisks is ideal for beating eggs and mixing batters.


9. Mixing Whisk: Thick wires easily break up ingredients more effectively than ordinary whisks.


6 comments about “Introducing Williams-Sonoma Tools

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  2. annngeo

    Our very favorite tool(s) are spatulas that really make (or break) the presentation of our custom made culinary delights. We have several, each for it’s particular specialty. This is followed by spoons (for stiring, mixing, and serving). I love the idea of a nice unified set that looks great (our current set is eclectic, if not hodge-podge).

  3. Donna Vetorino

    All the pieces are gorgeous. Totally functional contemporary art. What a great gift for yourself or your favorite home chef.

  4. Bonnie

    Utensil Art!!! Totally functional must haves for any serious cooking.

  5. Suzanne

    You have developed tools that will fill the needs of every good cook. I look forward to replacing my other tools with your beautiful, functional tools. They are not just pretty; they will be used with pride and satisfaction every day in every way.

  6. sherrie

    I love the shine and the weight of this new utensil set! It is the perfect gift for any new bride, and will last through out their cooking years. Thank you for the new set. I may just replace my miscellaneous tools that I have now and display the William Sonoma set on my counter.


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