5 Perfect Jam Cookies for the Holidays

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You say it’s the holidays, eh? We say: cookie swap or it didn’t happen. Every great tin starts with at least a few jewel-toned jam cookies, glistening in the center with vibrantly-colored preserves. From linzer cookies to oatmeal bars, here are five of our favorite holiday jam cookie recipes.

Blackberry-Pecan Thumbprints

Blackberry-Pecan Thumbprints

When these jam thumbprints hit the oven, the nuts turn toasty and the gooey jam firm and chewy.

Strawberry Jam Sandwich Cookies

Strawberry Jam Sandwich Cookies

For the prettiest-ever jam sandwich cookies, use a second, smaller cookie cutter to create a window in the top of each cookie before baking. This will allow the strawberry-red jam to show through.

Oatmeal Streusel Jam Bars

Oatmeal Streusel Jam Bar

These bars made from oats and filled with jam have plenty of texture thanks to the grains, and a sweet, tart filling for contrast.

Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies

A holiday classic in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, linzer cookies are made by cutting a small circle of dough, covering it with jam, placing another circle of dough on top with a hole in the center, and dusting it with a shower of confectioner’s sugar. Raspberry jam is a classic filling.

Alice Medrich’s Buckwheat Linzer Cookies

Alice Medrich Buckwheat Linzer

Baking expert Alice Medrich likes to put a twist on the traditional linzer cookie by using rice, buckwheat, and oat flours.


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