The Last-Minute Guide to Attending Thanksgiving

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The Last-Minute Guide to Attending Thanksgiving

Chances are, in less than 24 hours, you’ll be tucking into your best holiday meal of the year. If you have the privilege of being the guest at someone else’s Thanksgiving, but don’t have your act completely together yet, don’t worry: From uniquely thoughtful hostess gifts to the the best way to Instagram your meal, we’ve got you completely covered.


The 2016 Williams-Sonoma Guide to Attending Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-leftovers-panini-300How to Be Your Host’s Favorite Guest

Being a gracious guest is just as important as being a good host. Here’s how to sincerely express your gratitude (and get invited back time and time again).


9 Gifts That’ll Steal the Show at This Year’s Thanksgiving

Last-minute gift givers: a few items in this guide are available at your local store.


How to Ask for Thanksgiving Leftovers Without Sounding Greedy

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers you get to enjoy later on. What should you do if you’re a guest at someone else’s feast?



How to Instagram the Heck Out of Your Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is historically one of the biggest days for Instagram, so make it count: Williams-Sonoma’s social media manager, Jenn Yee, offers her tips for your most ‘grammable Thanksgiving yet.


What to Bring When Your Host Says to Bring Nothing

When the host or hostess says “bring nothing,” he or she might even mean it. So what’s a guest to do?


Hosting this year? See our last-minute guide to hosting Thanksgiving

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