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Made in the USA

In honor of July 4th, we’re highlighting all of our products made in the USA, from cookware and tools to electrics and gardening supplies. Our hundreds of American-made items are important not just for their high quality, but for the legacy they carry: Vitamix pioneered the world’s best performing blending equipment in Cleveland, Ohio, while Microplane‘s exceptionally sharp graters and culinary tools are produced by a family-owned company in Arkansas. We are constantly looking for new talent, too — like craftsman Dan Cohen, who builds our chicken coops by hand in Bay City, Michigan.


“‘Made in the USA’ is about artisanal products that have a long history of being produced in the United States, from materials found in the United States,” says Alison O’Connor, head of our tabletop, Agrarian and Williams-Sonoma Home departments.


By celebrating the best of American craftsmanship, design and innovation, we can also support American jobs and businesses.


USA Pan makes our core bakeware, and they are a family-run company,” says Adam Blank, our director of Electrics, Bakeware and Cutlery. “I have sat down across the table from the grandson of their founder, along with his cousin and uncle, and they have factories across the country.”


Brands such as Nordic Ware, which created the classic Bundt pan, and KitchenAid, known for their artisan stand mixers, also have American factories with international reach. Most of our cutting boards are made in the USA from locally sourced wood as well. And we hope that these companies get as much out of our relationship as we do.


“These companies are excited to see their products in Williams-Sonoma stores across the country,” says Adam. “We are proud to buy ‘Made in America,’ but they are proud to sell to us, too.”


Happy 4th!

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  1. ethel pontsler

    i was ordering a bread box (not available until August, which was fine with me) and to save on shipping I filled out and was approved for a Visa credit card, your very own William-Sonoma… HOWEVER, my page was gone where I wanted to continue and actually order the item…. (it was $49.95 – and something I’ve always wanted!).. and my page has disappeared. what to do, she asks. Please advise. thank you. Ethel Pontsler, OHIO.

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