Making Coconut “Whipped Cream” Is Easier than You Think

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Coconut Whipped Cream from Mimi

If you love the taste of fresh whipped cream, this equally ethereal alternative is a must try—plus, it’s ideal for people who don’t eat dairy. Make your own distinctive version of whipped cream with coconut cream, an easy answer to traditional whipped cream. All you need is a can of coconut milk that you’ve chilled in the refrigerator, and you’re ready to start. Serve this luscious confection right away on berries, cakes or ice cream after you whip it up as you would traditional freshly whipped cream.


Meet your new best friend, coconut whipped cream, and watch our video to learn how to make it.


Scoop Out the Cream

Take your can of chilled coconut milk out of the refrigerator. You’ll find that, when the can is very cold, all the coconut cream rises to the top and the water or milk settles at the bottom. Carefully open the can, and use a spoon to begin scooping off the cream at the top until you have it collected in a bowl. Putting the coconut cream in a chilled mixing bowl will help it whip up faster. After you scoop out the cream, you’ll find all the water at the bottom of the can. Save it to use in your whipped coconut cream.

Smooth It All Out

For better control, use a multi-speed hand mixer to whip the cream. Start the hand mixer on a low speed and begin whipping the cream that’s in the bowl. Slowly break up the cream, whipping out almost all the lumps to make it as smooth as possible. Add a little bit of the water from the can of coconut milk at a time, slowly putting a spoonful into the bowl to help smooth it out even more. Continue mixing until the cream is at the consistency and smoothness you desire. See it in action in our video:


Sweeten It Up

Coconut cream isn’t typically very sugary. To sweeten it up, add a little bit of confectioner’s sugar, just as you would use for regular whipped cream. You can also add in extracts like vanilla or orange, or other sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey for a different flavor. Use your hand mixer again on low speed for a few more seconds to combine it all together.

Dollop It on Berries and Cakes

This cream is fabulous on mixed berries, and it’s also wonderful on layer cakes. However you plan to use it, try to serve it immediately so it stays fluffy. If there’s anything left over, chill it in a tightly-covered container, where it’ll keep for one to two weeks in the refrigerator.



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