Margarita Madness!


Margarita Madness!

Mix up a tangy, refreshing cocktail and sip your way to an imaginary tropical vacation right in your own kitchen. Our mixes give you the best, freshest flavors every time — all you have to do is add the tequila (don’t forget festive glasses and salts for the finishing touch). Or, try the classic and creative concoctions below. Cheers!


Classic MargaritasClassic Margaritas
Begin with this basic margarita, then add a splash of fruit juice, flavored liqueur or even hot sauce to make it your own.
Frozen Passion Fruit MargaritaFrozen Passion Fruit Margarita
Passion fruit nectar adds a tropical twist to the classic marg in this party-ready recipe. Margarita
Fresh fruit chunks give this drink a slushy texture (if your watermelon isn’t sweet enough, add a little simple syrup to taste).
Frozen Ginger MargaritasFrozen Ginger Margaritas
Here, fresh ginger and ginger ale lend a slightly sweet, spicy flavor to a margarita.


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