Michael Gyetvan’s Pizza Tips & Pizza Dough Recipe

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Wine Country Spotlight: Michael Gyetvan of Azzurro Pizzeria & Enoteca


Napa’s Azzurro Pizzeria e Enoteca specializes in wood-oven baked, thin-crust pizzas topped with the freshest local ingredients. We were so impressed by the pizza–with its perfectly crisp, yet chewy, crust and deliciously tangy tomato sauce– that we asked chef Michael Gyetvan for his dough recipe and his favorite pizza combinations. He graciously obliged and even gave us tips for making great dough at home.


Get the recipe and Michael’s tips below.


What ingredients should the home cook have on hand to make great pizza at home?

The home cook should have on hand 00 flour, sea salt, dry yeast, good quality extra virgin olive oil, semolina and San Marzano tomatoes.


What are the secrets to making a great dough?

The secret to making a great dough is accuracy when measuring or weighing ingredients and using quality ingredients.


After making the dough, how should the home cook proceed? Is there kneading involved? How  do you hand-toss? Do you have to hand-toss or can you roll out dough with a rolling pin?

After making the dough and allowing it to come to room temperature, we like to hand shape.


Place the dough on a lightly floured surface, flatten with your fingertips and the stretch on the back of your hands to the desired size, approximately 10”.


A rolling pin can be used, it produces a fine product and requires slightly less skill.


Do you recommend a peel and a pizza stone? How do you prepare a home oven for the best possible crust?

I most definitely recommend a peel and pizza stone. The key is to have the stone very hot, 500 degrees for 15 minutes works well. Building your pizza on a peel sprinkled with a little Semolina allows the pizza to slide easily from the peel to the stone.


What’s a great simple tomato sauce that you recommend for topping pizza?

Start with a few cloves of chopped garlic cooked in extra virgin olive oil, then add a pinch of dried oregano and San Marzano tomatoes pureed with a stick blender. Simmer quickly for about 15 minutes.


Pizza Dough Recipe

1 Tbs. active dry yeast

2 cups lukewarm tap water

2 Tbs. extra virgin olive oil

5 cups “00” flour

1 Tbs. sea salt, extra fine


In a stand up mixer, with a dough hook attachment, add the water, yeast and oil. Mix on slow for 5 minutes. Turn the machine off and add in flour and salt, turn mixer on slow. Once a ball forms, mix for an additional 20 minutes. Put out on a lightly floured surface and shape into 5 equal balls (approx. 8oz each). Put on a sheet tray, lightly oil and cover. They then can be refrigerated overnight and then brought to room temperature for an hour (for best results) or left at room temperature for 1 hour.

This recipe could be done in a food processer but best results are in a mixer.


59 comments about “Michael Gyetvan’s Pizza Tips & Pizza Dough Recipe

  1. Wine Country Spotlight: Michael Gyetvan of Azzurro Pizzeria & Enoteca | Williams-Sonoma Taste

    1. Carol

      “00” flour is super soft, finely ground flour. I’ve found and purchased it online at various locations just by entering “00” flour in the search engine.

    2. Justin

      “00” generally have higher protein than normal flour and it does makes a difference in the outcome of your dough. The dough is much softer and elastic. It can withstand a higher temperature so a 500+ degree oven w/ pizza stone is the perfect combo.

      If you cannot find “00” flour a good substitute would be bread flour. Caputo is a common named brand of “00” the Italian use that which I have purchased online.

    3. rob Weaver

      on amazon you can pick up a bag of Antimo Caputo “00” grade flour. i recently found it at the local Walmart, of all places. it really is worth getting. Too bad this article is omitting so much information and giving out misinformation. for one, never use a rolling pin. a rolling pin is a steam roller that totally squeezes out all the CO2 gas that has been generated for hours by the yeast and losing it will greatly diminish the rise and texture of the dough when it hits the oven’s heat. when i make dough its a 48 hour process, starting 2 days before i will have it for dinner. a great book for process and topping ideas is Jim Lahey’s “My Pizza”.

    1. Mary

      No, pastry flour is completely different. I buy my 00 flour online from King Arthur Flour. The site will also explain the difference between all the different flours.

  2. Maria

    Is it possible to use wholewheat flour instead? How would the recipe change for this?

    1. JEFF

      I have used Eagle Mills flour that is available at Costco. It is 40% mixed grain flour and 60% white flour. The flour is unbleached. I have used it numerous times, substituting it for plain white or bread flour, No one has noticed the change. It’s also very inexpensive, about $7,00 for two ten pound bags.

  3. Sabrina

    I just made this pizza this weekend, the dough was so easy to work with. We actually put the pizza stone on the grill and they were fantastic. We sat outside enjoying some wine and eating pizza right off the grill. Thanks so much, it was a great evening!!

  4. Jenn

    Do you really let it mix an additional 20 minutes after it forms into a ball? Is that a typo?

    1. Mary

      My question as well. 20 minutes seems like an awfully long time to mix this dough. It this accurate?

      1. Fletcher

        Yes – 20 minutes is correct. The purpose is to work the gluten so that the dough stretches without tearing and also gives it that chewy quality everyone loves.

  5. gail davis

    Caputo “00” Flour from Market Hall is THE best pizza flour I have ever used! Try it! You’ll like it! I sure wish WIlliams-Sonoma carried this!

  6. juan

    Williams-Sonoma carries the cup for cup flour which is gluten free for general use, pancake mix and pizza dough!

    Jenn and Mary- I have the same question…20 minutes seems like a long time?
    any responses from those that have made the recipe?

    1. Eddie.J

      20 minutes does seem like a long time, when I’m kneading pizza dough I go by feeling. I’m looking for a soft dough with elasticity. If the dough is to hard & tears easily then it needs more kneading.

  7. Cathy

    If making this pizza dough with C4C gluten-free flour, do I just substitute the same amount of C4C for 00 flour? Or do I need an entirely different recipe for gluten-free?

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  9. Patti Chaivre

    WOW!!!! I did not have access to a store that carries 00 flour so I used King Arthur unbleached and it turned out beautiful!!!! 20 min with the dough hook on the KithenAid made for a beautiful working dough! Plenty of fresh basil and tomatoes in the garden so it was Pizza Margherita on the grill!!!!!! Terrific!!! Will order the 00 flour and keep it on hand.

  10. ron urcioli

    mixing my dough according to your recommendations seems to be taking a toll on my mixer. it is getting hot mixing the dough for that 20 minute period. is the kneading supposed to go like this or are my ingredients incorrect? more water? help! thanks, ron u.

  11. ron urcioli

    well, the dough rises double it’s size. i rolled it out but it was heavy; dense. when i cooked the pizzas the slices were dry, no rise and breakable to a fault. i have no idea what went wrong. any help will be appreciated. ron…..

  12. Emilie

    It would be great to have a weight in ounces or grams for the flour in addition to the volume measurement!

  13. donna kopp

    i am going to make this pizza dough and try it out on my new breville pizza cooker,let you know how it comes out

  14. ron urcioli

    thanks for the no replies! i’ve spent enough in your shop in Henderson and don’t deserve being ignored. too late now, i will shop sur de table hereon out…

  15. Lewin

    Thanks for the perfect recipe! One of the best iv’e found on the net and the family was happy with the results!

    Like you say accuracy is key 🙂

  16. kolin

    I use stock insted of just water …. either beef or chicken , it gives a different kind of approach and an interesting idea of taste

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