The #EveryMom Gift Guide: For Your Neighbor Who Smokes Her Own Ribs, Bottles Her Own Hot Sauce, and Never Misses the Opportunity to Build a Fire

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2016 Mother's Day Grilling Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day, more than ever, we want to honor moms for all of the incredible things that they do. Whether it’s your next-door neighbor or your stepsister, there’s one everywhere you turn: the small business owner who teaches her children about being an entrepreneur, the stay-at-home mom who makes organic baby food from scratch, the power broker who still makes time to read to her daughter or son at night.

For the mom who loves to be behind the grill—in our case, our next-door neighbor who can tame any fire, owns every cookbook by Elizabeth Karmel and bottles her own hot sauce every summer during chile season—here’s our greatest hits gift list. See all of our gift guides in honor of #EveryMom.


Williams-Sonoma 4-Burner Gas Grill
This is no ordinary grill: it comes with a side burner, a rear infrared burner, a motorized rotisserie, and even a built-in bottle opener. It also comes in a 6-burner version.
Vivian Howard RubsVivian Howard’s Sauces and Rubs
It’s pretty much impossible to talk about Eastern North Carolina barbecue these days without mentioning Vivian Howard. The Kinston, NC-based chef and restaurateur has just launched her own line of rubs and sauces, and we think everything from her Tangy Peach BBQ Sauce to her Fins & Shells Rub is unique and complex in flavor.
Williams-Sonoma Outdoor High Heat Nonstick CookwareWilliams-Sonoma Outdoor High Heat Nonstick Cookware Set


Our new collection of high heat nonstick cookware is designed specifically for outdoor cooking and can withstand temperatures of up to 600ºF. It’s perfect if she likes to grill anything from padrón peppers to fish to pizza on the grill.

Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Grill ToolsWilliams-Sonoma Nonstick BBQ Tool Set


The nylon heads on this nonstick BBQ tool set won’t scratch cookware surfaces, but they stand up to the heat of the fire and come in a handy metal storage case.



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