Mother’s Day Spring Luncheon

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This post comes to us courtesy of home entertaining and lifestyle blogger Jenny Steffens Hobick


If you’re like me, the perfect gift on Mother’s Day is to be able to host a party that is all about my favorite things. So often when I’m entertaining I design the menu and the party around my guests or my husband’s favorite things. We end up serving a lot of seared steaks with decadent chocolate desserts.


Don’t get me wrong, I love both of those things. But sometimes I want to host a part and serve just things that I want to enjoy.  So for me, hosting my own Mother’s Day lunch isn’t a chore — the pleasure is all mine.


Asparagus, Mushroom & Leek Pappardelle Pasta


You will love the seasonal flair of this pasta. The light and creamy sauce is perfect with the fresh asparagus. A little bacon adds just the right amount of flavor and sustenance to the meal to please everyone at the table. For an added touch, make the papperdelle yourself — it is much easier than you think! You can find step-by-step directions on my blog. To create an even more flavorful dish, use morel mushrooms if you can find them, or drizzle truffle oil over the finished pasta.


Lemon Curd Cream Layer Cake with Berries & Black Plums


When I want to impress my guests, I always serve a showstopping, bountiful dessert like this one. It might look like it took a lot of effort, but the secret (to just about any great looking dessert) is just piling it high with luscious whipped cream and berries.


You can make the lemon curd and pound cake yourself or use store-bought versions. The real art of this recipe is the assembling; for step-by-step directions and tip, visit my blog.


The Table: Planted Pansies Centerpiece


As I’ve noted countless times, I love planted flowers to keep indoors. They last much longer than cut flowers and tend to be much less expensive, not to mention the intrinsic value that a living thing brings to the inside of your home.


I created this Planted Pansy Centerpiece by planting approximately 12 pansy plants in one of my fanciest pewter footed bowls. I love the contrast of something so earthy growing out of something so elegant; it adds interest and style to what could be a boring setting. After a few days on your table, be sure you replant the flowers in a bowl with proper drainage for long term. See my blog for step-by-step instructions.


A Gift for Mom: All-in-One Herb Planter with Pansies


Most moms I know tend to be practical types — it comes with the territory, I guess. This gift is both beautiful and functional, combining planted herbs with planted flowers. It will look great sitting on her front steps or on a patio table and be a handy source of fresh herbs whens she’s in the kitchen.


For more Mother’s Day inspired posts, visit my blog!


About the authorJenny Steffens Hobick, a home entertaining and lifestyle blogger, makes entertaining accessible and enjoyable… for the hosts and guests.  As a former caterer and party planner, Jenny shares her secrets to hosting casual and elegant parties. From table settings to recipes, her creative tips and resourceful methods inspire her readers to make Everyday Occasions special – whether it be a family style feast, elegant cocktail party or intimate dinner for two.  Jenny believes that entertaining at its best is done often, with an effortless and easy style.

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