This Week, All Week: One-Pot Dinners

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Cooking dinner—even on weeknights, when we’re just trying to get something on the table—is something we look forward to daily, a ritual that helps us wind down after a long day. But one thing we don’t happily anticipate is the cleanup the follows. Some weeks it feels as though cleanup is even more of an process than the making of a meal itself.


We know we’re not alone in this aggravation, and we stand in solidarity with reluctant home cooks-turned-dishwashers everywhere. That’s why we’re dedicating this week to one-pot and one-pan meals. All week long, beginning tomorrow, we’ll feature meals that only require one item—skillet, Dutch oven, wok, you name it—to clean. What will you do with all that extra time not spent scrubbing dishes? We can’t speak for you, but we’ve got three words: Prime. Time. TV.


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    1. Nino Esposito

      Wow! What a God send this would be. Can’t imagine not having to wash 10 pots and pans after you’ve eaten a big meal. One pot cooking is the way to go…..


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