Our Dinner in the Vines with Scopa


Our Dinner in the Vines with Scopa

California’s wine country combines an abundance of locally grown produce with world-renowned wines. This season, we partnered with the crew of Scopa restaurant to celebrate both with good friends and a family-style feast.


Husband-and-wife team Ari Rosen and Dawnelise Regnery opened Scopa in Healdsburg Plaza at the heart of Sonoma County. They immediately made it a family affair, with Ari cooking soulful food he learned from his Italian grandparents and serving desserts baked by his dad. The tight-knit feeling extends to the community of local famers, whose bounty regularly appears on the seasonally rotating menu.


Read the story behind the dinner, try Ari’s recipes, and get to know the Scopa team.

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