Our New Cookware is Literally Made With Diamonds 💎

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Nonstick cookware is a standard in so many home kitchens, but does it ever really get the chance to shine? Our designers wanted to create a line of nonstick cookware that used all the latest technology, the healthiest nonstick coating, and a pretty brilliant edge:  Welcome our  new diamond-infused ceramic nonstick line called Williams Sonoma Professional Ceramic Nonstick Plus Cookware. Each piece is made with DiamondSear technology that incorporates real crushed diamonds (yes, you read that right!) into the coating. The result?


A long-lasting nonstick cookware surface with the durability of diamonds, unrivaled heat control and a unique texture that makes for the perfect sear.


The average nonstick skillet can handle heat up to 400 or 500 degrees. This entire line can tolerate up to 600 degrees. That’s huge, and the difference between a whole load of dishes to do and one. Plus, you don’t even have to wash that one dish by hand because the entire collection is dishwasher-safe. 


Watch this video to see why our test kitchen cook loves our new cookware line. 


Keeping health in mind for the new year, we also ensured that the coating requires as little additional oil as possible. The DiamondSear ceramic nonstick surface is exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches (metal utensils are fine!) and stains. A textured interior surface ensures superior searing and browning and easy release of foods. (Read: Eggs won’t stick!)


The coating is PFOA- and PTFE-free, and 100 percent free of toxins. Each pot and pan has a hard-anodized aluminum body that conducts heat quickly and evenly, with no hot spots, so those chicken thighs will brown evenly.


Check out the video to see how to make a savory, bacon-and-egg Dutch baby pancake and illuminate how well this cookware does by that slightly tricky dish. Hint: A great nonstick pan is the difference between a puffy Dutch baby and a deflated one. It also means your tomato sauces are less likely to burn, and should require less stirring. It means those chicken thighs can go straight from stovetop to oven without you breaking a sweat.


So if you’re in the market for a cookware upgrade, consider this one; it’s an in-house favorite we think you’ll love.

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