Our Top-Rated Frozen Desserts

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Our Top-Rated Frozen Desserts

Ice cream, gelato, sorbet and ice pops — frozen treats hit the spot on a hot summer day. Check out these recipes, which earned top ratings from our customers and are guaranteed to beat the heat.


Fresh Strawberry Ice CreamFresh Strawberry Ice Cream
With strawberry season on its way out, now is the time to prepare this dessert. The berries’ intensely sweet aroma and flavor will shine.
Dark Chocolate GelatoDark Chocolate Gelato
This ultra-creamy gelato is rich with chocolate flavor, and it’s deceptively simple to make — perfect for summer entertaining.
Blackberry SorbetBlackberry Sorbet
This soft, light sorbet showcases ripe blackberries at their peak, flavored with just sugar and fresh lemon juice.
Butter-Pecan Ice CreamButter Pecan Ice Cream
Two layers of pecan flavor go into this nutty ice cream. Chopped pecans steep in the custard base, then brown sugar-glazed nuts are swirled in at the very end for a sweet flavor and crunchy texture.
Strawberry-Banana PopsStrawberry-Banana Pops
These colorful pops have slices of fresh banana frozen inside a strawberry-yogurt blend for a kid-friendly snack or dessert.
Philadelphia-Style Vanilla Ice CreamPhiladelphia-Style Vanilla Ice Cream
“Philadelphia-style” ice cream is made by simply churning milk, cream, sugar and flavorings, without cooking a custard base on the stove. It’s quick and easy to make (and it’s especially delicious on top of a crispy cone).
Plum SorbetPlum Sorbet
Sugar syrup and fresh plums make the base for this refreshing sorbet, flavored with a dash of liquor to create an even creamier texture.
Fresh Peach Ice CreamFresh Peach Ice Cream
Ripe, juicy peaches capture the best of summer in this straightforward recipe, which is packed with real peach flavor.
Blueberries and CreamBlueberries and Cream
This simple recipe uses blueberry syrup and heavy cream to create a beautiful frozen dessert with a perfectly smooth texture.


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