Throw a Memorial Day BBQ for the Ages

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Party Planner: Memorial Day BBQ

Wind up your spring in style with this satisfying menu. Prepare a few pitchers of fragrant Meyer lemonade or sangria before gathering around the grill to nibble on colorful crudités—but save plenty of room for the hearty grilled steak and potatoes. We offer dishes you can prepare in advance, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your guests.




Get the party rolling with drinks and a dip. Our Minted Meyer Lemonade is deliciously refreshing, and adults will love this Spring White Sangria, which combines white wine, passion fruit juice, grapes and pears. Serve crisp, raw crudités with a creamy herb dip for snacking; it’s a great way to enjoy the season’s fresh veggies.


Classic rib eye steaks, cooked on the grill, are perfect for a summer cookout. Our version is crusted with multicolored peppercorns for a stunning presentation and bold flavor. On the side, serve smashed potatoes with an herbed vinaigrette and a salad that features a trio of garden beans. Dessert calls for a homey pie that makes the most of peak-season produce—we love this rosy strawberry-rhubarb version.


Party Planner: Memorial Day BBQ


Party Planner


  • 1 day ahead: Bake the pie. Make the sangria and lemonade and refrigerate.
  • Day of: Make the bean salad and refrigerate for up to 3 hours or let stand at room temperature for 1 hour. Par-boil the potatoes. Make the herb dip and refrigerate; prep the vegetables for the crudités.
  • Just before serving: Finish the potatoes. Grill the steaks and serve.

If you’re serving a crowd, this cork-lid beverage dispenser is great for pre-batched cocktails and drinks. Fill with ice, garnish with slices of citrus fruits and springs of herbs, and let everyone help themselves.


For a casual cookout, we love serving steaks and appetizers on oval salad boards instead of platters. It also saves you an extra dish! Just slice and serve the meat straight from the board.


Even for a relaxed get-together, pretty plates make the occasion feel special. Our melamine dinnerware looks as beautiful as earthenware but is sturdy enough to take outdoors (it’s shatterproof)! Mix and match patterns and solids in your favorite shades.

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